Forget Me Knot Fest ‘23

If you missed it, sorry.  If you were there, you know! 

Simply awesome!

So why the 'k' in knot? Here's a list of the 50+ community members that came together to make this all happen.  It's an understatement to say it would not have been possible without them. 


FMK '23 Volunteers

Madeline Bladow
Dean Bladow
Chris Conway
Cyndi Coulter
Eileen Ehernberger
Lori Elliot
Kelly Epifanio
Henry Finkbeiner
Jon Frost
Deb Frost
Renee Guomo
Todd Guomo
Suzy Hahn
Nancy Hamilton
Kinsie Hanson
Laurie Haugen
Kathryn Hendershot
Vranna Hinck

Paige Hood

Pene Hood 
Paul Kloster
Gaye Kloster
Joyle Kohl
Richard LaBorde 
Nick Levy
Kristen Meeks 
Jeff Menuey 
Drew Morrill 
Aaron Mulkey
Terry Mulkey
Jeff Ohlinger
Zoe Polk
Manuela  Posada 
Brandon Richardson
Stephan Roode 
Donna Rowland
Jana Rupnow
Scott Rupnow 
Greg Shifflet
Tim Short 
Muff Sloan
Coltrane Snider
Josh Snider 
Vic Tabor 
Monica  Teitz
Terry Ward 
Jan Warner
Sophie Warren 
Anna Wiederhold-Wolfe
Joan Wycoff
Dan Wycoff
Reed Youngbar
Ben Zavora 

A Community Benefit Music and Arts Festival in

Cooke City/Silver Gate Montana

On Stage 2023!


Experience mountain music at a one-of-a-kind venue, minutes from Yellowstone and the scenic Beartooth Highway. 

Nine critically acclaimed singer/songwriter bands from across the Northern Rockies perform at two venues between soaring peaks in the mountain towns of Cooke City and Silver Gate Montana.

Enjoy music and local arts to help benefit communities impacted by the 2022 summer-long gate closures of Yellowstone National Park.